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"This week many will observe Christ's birthday. Few will observe His precepts! It is so much easier to observe
holidays than commandments. Jesus is the Supreme example of Knighthood. He perfectly embodied the principles we are striving to develop in our lives.
He taught that the greatest demonstration of love is to lay down your life for another. Then He practiced what He preached by dying on a cruel cross
for a traitor race who deserved anything but. This Christmas, let's resolve to rein in any selfish ways and make it about others. You won't regret it,
and neither will the people you serve!"
Steve Sabol


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Our mission is to bring men together to fellowship, learn, and enjoy what our Creator has passed onto us.
To lead men to Christ, closer to the Lord our God, and to start them on their discipleship journey.
Deo volente (God Willing).

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Paul Remington (The Grizz)
Ministry Group Leader

Brad Nickel (Der Fliegenfischer)
Ministry Group Leader

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Tim Kuhlmann
The Ministry's Prayer Warrior

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Brad Nickel.
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