OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry

If you are wanting to continue fly fishing and invest in equipment after you know
you like it, here is a list of the Minimum equipment you will need to invest in.

Minimum Equipment List:

  • Chest Waders — Sock or Stockingfoot foot
  • Wading Boots — felt sole, ask to make sure they are sized to use with Sock or Stockingfoot Waders, make sure they are.
  • Fly Rod — the standards are: 9 feet long, 6 weight (line weight), medium fast action or 9 feet long, 5 weight (line weight),
    medium fast action.
  • Fly Reel — to match line weight (need backing, fly line, tapered leader, & tippet rigged in this order).
  • Backing — 20 to 30 lb test, 100 to 200 yards of it.
  • Fly Line — Floating Weight Forward or Floating Double taper, line weight to match Fly Rod.
  • Tapered Leaders — 71/2 and/or 9 feet long. Always should match Tippet or be one size Larger
    (i.e. with a 3X Tippet you should use a 3X or 2X Tapered Leader). The bigger the Number the lower the
    pound test. 2 of each to match Tippet.
  • Tippets — 3X, 4X, 5X, 1 spool each.
  • Fly Fishing Vest or Chest Pack
  • Nippers
  • Multi—Tool — small and cheep, like at Wal-Mart for $5, you will loose it eventually so don't spend much money on it.
    You use it to de-barb hooks mainly.
  • Polarized Sunglasses — protects your eyes from getting hooked and also from the sun while fishing.
  • Retractor (Zinger) — 2 or 3, used to hang nippers and multi tool for ready use.
  • Fly Box(es)
  • Dry Fly Floatant
  • Indicators — 6 to 12 of them, you will loose these too.
  • Flies
  • Knot tying tool — for nail knots, etc.
  • Please ask anyone of us to help you find the best deal on the major equipment such as rods, reels, wader, boots, and fly line.
    We are ALWAYS looking for a good deal locally or online. Cabela's (www.cabelas.com) has some excellent rods and rod/reel combos at
    very reasonable prices. We have had very good results and highly recommend Cabela's Brand equipment.

    Here are some links to websites of local (westside and eastside) fly shops and online shops.

    Gig Harbor Fly Shop (Formerly Wilderness Angler)

    Puget Sound Fly Company

    Peninsula Outfitters

    Angler's Workshop

    Creekside Angling

    All About the Fly

    The Evening Hatch Guide Service

    Red?s Fly Shop

    Worley-Bugger Fly Co.

    Bass Pro Shops


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