OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry

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Our Home Church Location: Our Savior Lutheran Church (OSLC), Tacoma. Click here for directions.
OSLC Main Campus is the main church building at 112th and Bingham Ave. E.
It's address is: 4519 112th Street East, Tacoma, Washington 98446

January 2006: OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry's Officially Launched. Throughout that year we offered Fly Casting Lessons, Fly Tying lessons,
Fly Fishing Trips, & Bible Study! Each new year we will strive to offer even more.

Each month we will be scheduling the dates for those months from January through December where the trip destinations and dates are TBD.
Check back often to see the changes.

Fly Swap!

  • Here are the rules of the Fly Swap when we do one.
  • Anyone can initiate the Fly Swap. Contact us and we will send the email out with you as the Swap Initiator.
  • An email will be sent out from the Swap Initiator, via the OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry email, with a Defined Pattern or Type of Fly that we will tie.
  • We will need an email confirmation of who will be participating.
  • Obviously if it's a Defined Pattern to tie, you will only be tying that pattern and variations of it only. Not a pattern of your liking.
  • If it's Type of Fly to tie, like Dry, Wet, Chironomid, Terestrial, Streamer, etc., then we will need to know what each person will be tying.
  • Please include this in the email stating you will be participating.
  • Once we receive an email confirmation, we will send an e-mail with who (the number of tyers) and what every one is tying.
  • Once you receive a confirmation, we will include a due date of two weeks out for these flies.
  • You have TWO WEEKS to complete them and get them to the OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry, regardless of who the Swap Initiator was.
  • Commence tying.
  • Tie a minimum of TWO FLIES per person participating.
  • Once you have completed your flies you will then send them to OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry, a home address will be sent out to you to do so.
    Please include your return address so we can ship the flies swapped to you.
  • Once all the flies are received OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry will send them out to all that have participated. 

Note: Fly Casting Lessons are now By Appointment, so contact us via the Contact Us tool below to set them up.
By appointment allows us to serve you best and be able to come to a location more convenient for both of us - somewhere in the middle.

2014 —OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry has officially gone on a long term sabbatical. End —when God changes this seaon of life.

    If any trips come into the planning phase, an email will be sent with pertenant information.
    Our priorities have always been in this order:

  • God

  • Wife

  • Family

  • All else as God allows

The top three other priorities have pushed this ministry to a point it cannot be managed to date, including pretty well not getting out to fish at all of any kind.
When God decides it's time to bring it back, He will make it very clear. Until then —just go fish!

For the fly pattern material lists go to our On the Fly page.

For Directions to Bradley Lake Park, Puyallup, WA. Click here.
For Directions to OSLC Main Campus, Tacoma. Click here.

Contact us with general inquiries or to tell us what event you would like to attend.

In Your Message tell us the reason for your general inquiry or, if wanting to attend one of our events, the Event Date, how many people, and what equipment you may need.

We welcome all men of all skill levels.

To contact OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry, click here.

To contact Paul Remington directly, click here.
To contact Brad Nickel directly, click here.
OSLC Men's Fly Fishing Ministry
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